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MATTERS of CONSEQUENCE explores the closely-linked issues of becoming a wiser person and creating a wiser world society.  The book explores the nature of physical and mental reality; the question of cosmic purpose; socio-cultural, economic, and biospheric realities; inner reality (including self-knowledge, freedom, responsibility, identity, ethical sensibility); and creating a life characterized by meaning, purpose, and significance.  It then presents the vision of a year-2050 world worth creating, and concludes with a discussion of concrete opportunities for personal action. (A German language edition was published by Verlag Via Nova in October 2010.)

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TOWARD WISDOM takes the position that the only way to make the world a better place is to make it a wiser place. We, and the world, need wisdom-based analyses of our problems followed by wisdom-based action. This book focuses on the existential, metaphysical kind of wisdom — the kind that meditation and other spiritual practices help us develop. It explores the nature of this kind of wisdom, the impediments we face in our quest to become wise, and various ways and means of getting past those impediments.

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GETTING A LIFE is about applied, practical wisdom — the kind of wisdom that Coleridge called “Common sense in an uncommon degree.”  The book is rooted in the idea that some steps toward wisdom require nothing more than a fresh look at common life situations, nothing more than an appreciation of the difference between skillful and unskillful ways of dealing with them.  The book’s 21 short chapters focus on different facets of everyday life. Its premise is that truths about these situations, if pointed out and taken seriously, can make a significant difference in the quality of day-to-day living and our enjoyment of life.

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