The Wisdom Page 



If you have and use RSS podcast receiver software, you can program it to automatically alert you when new episodes have been added to THE WISDOM PAGE PODCAST.

If you don't already have such software, check out the many available types. Two free programs that work well are Golden Ear and Juice (formerly iPodder). These programs, like most podcast receiver programs, work in conjunction with other installed programs. The Windows program Golden Ear, for example, works with Windows Media Player (version 7 or later), and also requires that Microsoft Dot Net runtime version 1.1 be installed. The Windows version of Juice can be configured to work with either Windows Media Player or iTunes. Golden Ear is especially simple to use. Juice allows the podcast "cover artwork" to be displayed, and is available in both Windows and Mac versions.

To add THE WISDOM PAGE PODCAST to your podcast receiver software:

  • Select and copy (the Feed URL for THE WISDOM PAGE PODCAST) — to the clipboard (ctrl-c in Windows), then

  • Start your podcast software, and request the creation of a "new podcast" or "new feed."

  • At some point in that process, a data window labled something like "Feed URL" should appear.

  • Paste (ctrl-v) the URL into it, and complete the "new podcast" process.