Setting Up Your Media Player to Show "Album Art" 

The artwork associated with each Wisdom Page Podcast episode will appear on the screen if your media player has been configured to show it. Below are setup instructions for the three most popular players.

Windows Media Player

  • With Windows Media Player playing the song, Right-Click the Now Playing tab.

  • Left-Click Visualizations, then Album Art



  • With the iTunes player playing the song, click View, then click Show Artwork

  • The album art will appear at the lower left of the screen, but the type will be too small to read. Click on the album art to enlarge it.


Real Player

  • If Real Player starts with a small screen, enlarge the display by clicking the "maximize" button just to the left of the program-closing X button.

  • At the lower left of the large display, Left-Click the title of the song being played.